Geoff Wilde is Paul's father and a renowned 
jazz trumpeter from Manchester.

A fan of Louise Armstrong he took to the trumpet and self taught
he started to play at Flixton Youth Club in the 1950's.

With experience he joined The Sunset Seven Jazz band
and became a a well known figure on the local jazz scene.

With the Sunset Seven and The Collegians Jazz Band
he played at The Cavern, Liverpool many times.

The Cavern starting life as a jazz club in which The Beatles 
would come on and play in the intervals!

As popularity for the beat scene grew the status of the
bands went with it. And the Beat bands began to share
the same stage as the jazz groups.

Dad's band suddenly found themselves 
on the same bill as The Beatles...!

Geoff remembers hanging back to watch The Beatles
for a couple of numbers. He recalls that there was
a buzz about the group and it was this that led him to
see what all the fuss was about. 


His story re these days as well as the Manchester music scene
playing at The Oasis in Manchester , etc will feature in future updates.

Here are Dad's band names etched for evermore
outside The Cavern Pub on Matthew Street in Liverpool.

Good on you Dad very proud love Paul x
The bricks mark every group that have ever played at
The Cavern. Old and new!
Get on down to Matthew Street and take a look for yourself.
Can you find the above two bricks - now there's a challenge?!

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