In 1982 Johnny Hamp as Granada Executive wanted to celebrate The Beatles 20th anniversary of ‘Love Me Do’ with a Beatles Special. In research he found so much material in the archives the project wasn’t finished until 1983!

The result was ‘The Early Beatles 1962/5’.  

  Meanwhile here’s an ad from a national paper reporting on a New Years treat…!

  A December 1983 Press Report:

 ‘The long-awaited premiere of the Granada Television special
“The Early Beatles 1962/5” will take place throughout the IBA network between
5.00 and 5.50pm on New Years Day, January 1st 1984. All of the precious archive material in the 50-minute programme has been carefully and expensively reprocessed at a film laboratory to give the maximum quality, so it should certainly make for fascinating viewing. We understand that Granada executives are also toying with the idea of an official videocassette release, providing the usual
plethora of legal obstacles can be surmounted.’

 A more in depth report on the programme, producer, etc
will follow in a future update.

Unless in the meanwhile you can assist with additional info
on the making of the special?

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