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"In May 2014 I was interviewing legendary TV producer Johnnie Hamp discussing his work with many legends of music. A pioneer himself during the golden age of television he was instrumental in providing many of the major artists of the period TV debuts and TV specials. Moments now regarded as significant in cultural importance and historical documents for future generations to enjoy. The programmes include the Blues & Gospel Train TV special of 1964 shot on a disused train station in Chorlton Cum Hardy with Muddy Waters and Rosetta Tharpe, The Bacharach Sound that acted as a springboard for a young American composer to break big in the UK and Europe and The Music of Lennon and McCartney which showcased the duo's song writing skills in 1965."

"Moving from the South to Granada land late 1962 he became the producer behind 'Scene At 6.30' giving artists such as The Beatles air time recognising the music talent that was emerging in the North West and beyond at the time. Hermans Hermits, The Hollies, The Who, The Kinks, Cilla Black and the Rolling Stones dropped into the studio to promote their latest record to an audience that ran into millions. Many afforded TV debuts all at the hands of Johnnie who was keen to encourage new talent and as such we have much to thank him for. So there was much to talk about when interviewing Johnnie on camera for my Manchester Sixties Music Convention about his musical history when he dropped a bombshell that was a holy grail moment in modern music!!!"


"It was off camera while chatting about his work with The Beatles he just happened to say 'I found a tape in a drawer the other day marked Some Other Guy'. I had to pinch myself! Did I just hear right?! I know my Beatle history and the film of the fab four at the Cavern filmed on 22 August 1962 by Granada is steeped in legend. So what was the tape and its content I thought?! The fact it was dated 5 September 1962 made it even more incredible. History says Granada sound engineer Gordon Butler returned to improve on the sound although it never surfaced to dub onto the original footage shot on 22 August. Granada had decided the film quality and the sound was too poor to broadcast and was shelved until 12 months later at the height of Beatlemania. By this time the 5 September tape had been forgotten and lost by all accounts. So was this the master tape and a moment of history discovered and preserved unknown in Johnnies office over fifty years...we just had to find out?!"

"By chance my father Geoff Wilde, who had also performed on the same bill at the Cavern with The Beatles still had a Reel to Reel tape player which was in full working order so we were sorted! The moment was too good to miss and felt this fell ideally into a film project with filmmakers Anthony Beswick & Scott Heslop. So we set up two cameras and filmed the playback, a moment treated with reverence as I took the tape 'rubber gloved' out of the box and placed it on the machine. My heart was beating so fast and beginning to feel sick while everyone including Johnnie's family held their breathe. The moment had arrived and I hit 'play' cutting straight in to one of the most dynamic recordings I have ever heard of The Beatles 'live'. This was 'Some Other Guy' recorded on 3 microphones with Gordon out to prove a point. Writing this will never do what we listened too justice and can only liken it to the digital re-mastering we have been privileged to hear in recent years with The Beatles back catalogue. I could pick out the instruments, the voices and hear the atmosphere of The Cavern. The same atmosphere my father once performed in which brought tears of joy as I had a high five moment with Ashley, Johnnie's son before hugging the great man himself. This was a historic moment and we got through the playback intact which brought a sigh of relief all round. The tape ended with typical John Lennon sarcasm as he proclaimed 'We'll probably have to do it again' This indicated Gordon's return had not gone down well and what a moment to capture on tape and so Lennon! With the moment now in the 'can' Johnnie felt the time right to sell the tape for charity. This will now occur in 2016 at the Adam Partridge Auction House fittingly in Liverpool. I'm sure Apple will jump at the chance to purchase this and expect the tape to sell for £16,000 plus. The track has surfaced on five demos produced for Brian Epstein in 1962 with one surviving in the hands of Apple but the quality will never match this the 'master' believe you me!!! And I was there and have it on record which I hope will surface one day in a  documentary as the world awaits one of the most important finds in music history. One that would sit nicely on view with our film in any Beatle Museum. I can only dream about what occurred and feel I was living every Beatle fans dream that day September 2014. Sat alongside legend Johnnie Hamp who produced more minutes of television with the Fab Four then any other and still writing his own history with The Beatles some fifty years later. The story of The Beatles Lost Tape at the Cavern is a documentary in the making...stay tuned!" PAUL WILDE APRIL 2015
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