Last week I was able to take a group of fans around Manchester in the footsteps of The Beatles and the sixties music scene. A dream of mine for several years it allowed me to champion our claim to be a city of major significance in the Beatle story and retrace the roots of the local Beat groups who would rival the fab four by the mid sixties. The tour with Inspiral Carpets's Craig Gill and Manchester Music Tours aims to celebrate the landmarks that played host to what is an amazing part of British pop culture. Illustrating how important Manchester was in the evolution of The Beatles is paramount as its often documented in the history books but never pieced together collectively until now.
It makes an interesting and fascinating tour unearthing new facts and stories behind
many live appearances, twelve of which were pre fame including the groups only performance in a tent! The fact is Manchester provided more opportunities than their hometown of Liverpool. Not only were there more venues to reach a wider audience but it was a gateway to the nation through the media of radio and television. The Beatles making several trips down the East Lancs as early as 1958 in search of stardom entering TV talent contests and auditions in Ardwick, Didsbury and Hulme. Billed either as the The Quarrymen, Johnny and the Moondogs or as The Beatles - the story behind these and the sites revisited are important stop offs on the tour. Non more so than Granada where The Beatles produced more television minutes including their debut plus the only film of The Beatles at the Cavern. The details of which with producer Johnnie Hamp includes an exclusive to the tour with the discovery and footage of a 'Lost Beatle Tape'. The three hour tour will take in the Oasis Club on Lloyd Street known also as the 'Birthplace of The Hollies' and where The Beatles performed most in Manchester. Also we travel to Urmston where The Beatles appearance at an agricultural show inspired a young Peter Noone to form Hermans Hermits. The icing on the cake is a return to the Playhouse Theatre in Hulme where The Beatles with Pete Best on drums made their BBC radio audition and debut in 1962. Standing on the very stage listening to their historic debut of 8/3/62 was a hit as the tour is set to roll from 27 March 2016 with other dates to follow. Details at PAUL WILDE


Boasting some of the most historic and significant milestones in the Fab Fours
amazing rise to the biggest pop act ever! Manchester's impact on The Beatles
story cannot be underestimated. This 90 minute walkabout follows in the
footsteps of the fab four revealing auditions and debut that have become
landmarks and milestones in their history.

Researched and presented by Manchester's very own Beatle and local pop
historian Paul Wilde (BBC/GRANADA/ M.E.N.) it retraces moments in
their early career when Quarrymen to that of Beatlemania. Paul himself is
making his mark on the Beatle story finding a lost Beatle tape associated with
the groups first appearance on film and has since interviewed Pete Best in the
place where the Beatles made their national debut. All will be revealed and more
as Paul takes you on the tour that he claims is the missing link between Liverpool
and the rest of the world! The Beatles in Manchester Tour is set to claim its
rightful place as one of the most important cities in the Beatles story

Key locations on route take us too:-

Piccadilly BBC building

Brian Epstein's determination to get The Beatles
into the national consciousness starts here.

The Oasis Club

The Beatles played here more times than any other Manchester venue, a total of four times including their first professionally booked gig outside of Liverpool by Brian Epstein.

The Three Coins
The Beatles first performance in the city November 1961

Granada TV
The Beatles first TV performance, they recorded more television at this
studio than any other including an amazing moment of Beatlemania
in the studio car park. Historic Beatle landmark.

Odeon Cinema
30th May 1963, The Beatles played here with Roy Orbison.

Barratts Music Shop
The shop that came to The Beatles rescue and the guitar that George made famous.

Kennedy Street Enterprises
The Beatles first performance in the city was orchestrated from the offices
of the agency that would rival NEMS and Beatlemania by 1965 in the US.

Alongside the above there are other associated sites that paint a picture of
how The Beatles embraced the cities culture in the clubs, pubs and music
shops with some surprises!


 Beatle number one authority Mark Lewisohn recently recognised Paul's work by
attending and speaking at the Playhouse Theatre in Hulme where the group made
their radio debut in 1962. Applauding Paul's work and efforts to secure Pete Best
return and efforts to ensure Manchester is well and truly on the Beatle tourist map.

The tour is approximately 90 minutes.



TOUR GUIDE Paul Wilde with Granada TV legend Johnnie Hamp
with the Lost Beatle Tape - the story behind revealed on the tour!